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Groupacumen is owned an run by…

Klaas Sybranda

This is what he’s been up to since leaving university studying (not) to be a school teacher.

1972 – Formed Sybranda Advertising West Perth, Western Australia with Geoff Williams.

1976 – Started Apple Graphics with Ben Jackson

1982 – Created Auto Shopper Magazine and pioneered desktop publishing with Macintosh computers.

1983 – Joined Bill Zitman and Mike James in Groupacumen.

1984 – Bought land at Tawonga Victoria – Got Greencard and moved to USA.

1986 – Created Veritas Computers with Colin Dixon.

1987 – Created Q Computer brand for Veritas Computers.

1987 – Campaigned for independent candidate in Indi electorate (Aust) with Mel Gibson.

1988 – Sold Beartooth Ranch (Montana USA) to Mel Gibson with Warwick Pont.

1989 – Published two books as Groupacumen Australia.

1990 – Started The Grainery Restaurant in Mt Beauty, Australia.

1992 – Founded Intouch Technology with Chris Heberle.

1996 – Opened Intouch USA Inc in Santa Barbara, California.

1997 – Created WebPoint ecommerce system at Intouch Technology.

1999 – Debunked year 2000 ‘bug’ – by running software on computers with clock set beyond year 2000.

2000 – Pioneered software subscription for Intouch Technology.

2004 – Created ROKPOS brand for point of sale equipment.

2013 – Bought Freshwater Plantation, Vanuatu; growing cocoa.

2016 – Created Aore Island Bat Cave Tour at Freshwater Plantation and Plantation House Restaurant.

2018 – Created Vanuatu Organic brand for natural produce.